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Welcome to Omega Enterprises

Star Citizen LogoOmega Enterprises is a Star Citizen organization and an online gaming community (clan / guild) with a long tradition.

The players association was founded by Studi in EVE-Online in August 2003 and is one of the most successful economically focused corporations up to the present days.

We want to build on this success and have been listed as a corporation in Star Citizen since January 2015. Star Citizen as a game is still developing, but its upcoming persistent universe seems to be one of the most promising newcomer games of our time.

A place where Omega Enterprises can not miss!

On the following pages Omega Enterprises is described as a fictitious, virtual company within the Star Citizen universe without a commercial orientation and action intended in the real world.

Our focus: Production, exploration, trade, logistics and raw material extraction
Languages: German, English

Our Philosophy

Reliable, discreet and efficient

Omega Enterprises fulfills orders dutifully and on time. You can rely on us!

Our Staff

Best training and professional experience

Our staff are fully trained and have a long professional experience.

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